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Joel Bickford

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Position:  High School Principal


Phone:  701.228.2266

Education: Bachelors from Jamestown College, 1988
Masters from UND, 2009

About:  I have taught in Lehr, ND and Wahpeton, ND. I was the principal in LaMoure for  five years.

My wife Vicki and I have four children.  Rachel is 25 and is a teacher at Lisbon Public Schools, our daughter Kaia is a junior at Moorehead State university, my daughter Mackenzie is a freshman at DCB, and Tanner our son is a junior at BHS.

I hunt and fish and ride bicycle. I usually spend my off time taking bicycle trips in the summer months. I really enjoy working with students and faculty to improve education. The thing I really love about BHS is that great students and great faculty make it a great school.

A Few Items

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Joel Bickford | 0 comments

Welcome Back. Our School motto this year is “Love Your School” and students will be flashing their peace signs. It is going over with the students great because they are great. We are focusing on getting along and taking care of our school. I have a few articles for those who have junior high students. This first one is dealing with what you can expect because that lovable sixth grade child may not appear so lovable all year. The Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting In Middle School Top 10 Things to Expect in Middle...

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Final Glance at Schedule

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Joel Bickford | 0 comments

Welcome to my blog. If you havent visited in a while please take the time to look around or bookmark this site. It may be helpful in the future. Today i am working on scheduling. We will begin to offer students a final glance at the schedule and make changes to thier own schedule as some things have changed since we last met. We still will be holding a scheduling day for each class(freshmen,sophomore etc) We will fill all electronic requests first however and once courses fill we will cap them. I am including the following items. We will...

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