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Kody Backman

Position:  Technology Coordinator


Phone:  701.228.2266 ext 131

Education:  Trial & Error

About:  I grew up on a farm north of Souris where I was a tractor jockey for 10 years or so.  I moved to Minot and bounced around in a few different jobs before I found I had an aptitude for technology.  After spending several years in Minot I moved to Fargo looking for greener pastures.  I bounced around in a couple of I.T. jobs and finally settled in as a Linux Admin for BCBS of ND for several years.  The opportunity to work as a computer monkey for BPS came up and the allure of moving home was too hard to resist.  In the late winter of 2010 I moved back to the farm.

My wife Sara and I have two daughters, Samantha and Kaci.  In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with the family.

o365 sites

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o365 password registration Sendit account management Configuring your tablet/phone for o365 email

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The fall NDATL conference happened right after our last Jr. High football game.  The timing worked out such that I could hit the game then go straight to Minot for the conference.  In the past, I have voiced some discontent as to the content of the conference.  I don’t feel that it really helps me be a better me at work.  The sessions are really good for a teacher that wants to look for new things to add to their classroom and the large schools usually show up with a presentation or two about some project that they have accomplished....

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