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Kody Backman

Position:  Technology Coordinator


Phone:  701.228.2266 ext 131

Education:  Trial & Error

About:  I grew up on a farm north of Souris where I was a tractor jockey for 10 years or so.  I moved to Minot and bounced around in a few different jobs before I found I had an aptitude for technology.  After spending several years in Minot I moved to Fargo looking for greener pastures.  I bounced around in a couple of I.T. jobs and finally settled in as a Linux Admin for BCBS of ND for several years.  The opportunity to work as a computer monkey for BPS came up and the allure of moving home was too hard to resist.  In the late winter of 2010 I moved back to the farm.

My wife Sara and I have two daughters, Samantha and Kaci.  In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with the family.

District 11 Tournament Web Broadcasting

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in I.T. Notices | 0 comments

When the year started we had a goal of having the infrastructure and methodology in place to successfully web stream the district 11 boys basketball tournament.  We picked that date because it was going to be the event that provided us the largest and most diverse viewer base.  I had no interest in publicizing a service that we could not adequately provide.  Now that we have completed the tournament, I’m calling it a success.  There was some working with the audio on the first day, then in the next two days there were times of...

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Student Broadcast

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in I.T. Notices | 0 comments

We have been working out how to maximize the number of events we are able to broadcast.  As the sports schedule heats up it’s vital to find multiple people who are able to handle setting up the equipment and running the camera(s) as well as commentary.  There have been a couple of broadcasts where a staff member as well as students have been involved. Last night was a big step forward for us as it was the first time that students fully ran the broadcast.  We had a student (Hunter Wall) running the camera, and two students doing...

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