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Kody Backman

Position:  Technology Coordinator


Phone:  701.228.2266 ext 131

Education:  Trial & Error

About:  I grew up on a farm north of Souris where I was a tractor jockey for 10 years or so.  I moved to Minot and bounced around in a few different jobs before I found I had an aptitude for technology.  After spending several years in Minot I moved to Fargo looking for greener pastures.  I bounced around in a couple of I.T. jobs and finally settled in as a Linux Admin for BCBS of ND for several years.  The opportunity to work as a computer monkey for BPS came up and the allure of moving home was too hard to resist.  In the late winter of 2010 I moved back to the farm.

My wife Sara and I have two daughters, Samantha and Kaci.  In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with the family.


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Around the first of this year I debuted the “new” bps website.  This was a product of about 2 months worth of me banging my head against the keyboard.  As our staff becomes more familiar and comfortable with the site and wordpress we will see more and more blog posts regarding their specific area of focus.  We are also seeing our coaching staff use this platform to quickly and efficiently communicate information to their athletes, parents and community.  I’m hoping in the upcoming year we can expand that to all advisors...

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The end of this week I came down to the NDATL conference in Fargo.  It’s a good time to listen to what other people are doing in the state and gives me ideas about what to do…and what not to do.  My main concern for Bottineau is to get the best bang for the buck.  We do not have the resources (my time and school’s money) to be cutting edge on most things.  My methodology has been to let other larger schools blaze the path then either choose to follow or do something else based on their success/failure. I’ve spent...

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