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Christmas Concert Links and More!!

We had a great Tuesday today. We finally had our awards day. Our students who showed the most growth in Math, Reading,  and Language  on their NWEA test were given awards. They got recognized and received a gift certificate from the chamber of commerce. It was awesome! The certificates were donated by the PTO, and I owe them a huge thanks. This wasn’t your typical students getting recognized. We also handed out BIC awards for effort and one for a random act of kindness. To cap it off we had a Top Banana award given to three of our teaching assistants for super effort. They got a banana from a guy in a gorilla suit. OK, it was me, but it was fun and I think we enjoyed it. I also handed out awards to 5 students who had perfect attendance. I will say again that we have the best students and the best staff. I guess that equals the best school.

This evening we had our 5-8 band and choir concert. Well done students, and Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Marum. I really enjoyed it. I will try to post the links.

5th grade Band Xmas concert 2012

7th grade Band

6th grade band

8th grade band

5-8 Mass Choir

7 and 8 Choir

5th and 6th grade choir

6th Grade Choir

5th Grade Choir