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Christmas Concert and Bullying news

Hello world! I will try to include the youtube links to the Christmas concert. It was a great concert.

We are having a presentation by CAMFIL productions this coming Tuesday the 18th . The presentation is called the Pledge. It should be a good time to examine our school and try to free this area of bullies. We have had several instances of bullying in recent weeks so we thought it was time to do something. My hope is that parents talk to their child about this and tell them to not only avoid doing any bullying behavior but also stand up for any victim. This is the way we can get rid of it. I wil discuss this in my next newspaper article. We also see more claims of bullying. There is a specific definition for bullying. It is not just one incident. Often student will tell me they were called  name or picked on so they feel like they are being bullied. This isn’t the case. This would be an incident. We certainly do not condone this but we also have to take the right corrective measures. Here are those concert links. Enjoy! JB

Guitar performance Christmas

2012Choir BHS 2012 Christmas

BHS concert Band2012