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Back in the Saddle!

Happy New Year!!

I am excited as ever to get back into the school. We have so many things happening. Semester tests, scheduling, and even thinking about next years schedule to name just a few. I even have a few ideas that popped into my head during the break. Sometimes being outside in the air can do that to a person. I am still riding bicycle to work and a few daily rides but I cross trained a bit over the break. If you haven’t cross country skied before I think you should try it. I used the state park and found it to be excellent. I will do it again. I really liked the trails and scenery. I also found some time to trap some muskrats and ice fish. These are other great outdoor activities.

We have a ton of activities with basketball and hockey and wresting going on. Take the time to come up and cheer on the team. We would love to have you.

Another item that I would like to brag about is that our volleyball team received the Team Scholar Award from the NDHSAA!! This is just another example of our excellent students and school. Way to go girls, and Coach Dunrud. As principal I am really proud of the team. Well, that is enough for now, I will continue to try and uncover from the mountain of work I have left to do. JB