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Community Service Idea

While I was off for the holiday I had a thought enter my head. Should our seniors have senior privileges? Why are we rewarding them for going to 12 and 1/2 years of school. I believe (and still do) that they should earn this free time. In the past students were allowed to have one less class than other students allowing them a free hour. The students now have a free half hour every day if they are passing every class.

I decided to ask a few students and they of course felt as though the decision was made.  I was simply asking for 25 hours of volunteer time which would be completed in the third quarter.  I decided to speak to my seniors. They brought up some very valid points and were very articulate. Some of the point made were

1. If they want to volunteer, then forcing them, in exchange for a free period isn’t volunteering.(good point)

2. They are new to the idea and were under the impression of the past, that they would be treated the same. Why would they be the first?

3. They felt as though they were being punished by being the first class do this.


Now I don’t want to jump into any decisions so I told them this. I really liked the idea that maybe we start with the next incoming class and they bank the hours? This is a great idea. Not sure how we do it yet, but it might be the best means to make this happen. I am a little saddened that our students didn’t jump at the opportunity to serve but what do I know? They informed me of the many things they have done over the past and I never really considered this. I really like our students and they are all very good children. I do believe they give. So yes, they will get their free period as they had hoped and we will determine the course of this good idea over the next few weeks for classes to come.

In the end it was a great discussion, and the seniors won the day. Could I push the issue? Sure, but if I do, are they volunteering? I do not believe it would make the students more involved which was the objective overall. Until next time,JB