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Boys Basketball 1st Post

Well I’ll give this blogging thing a try….can’t say I’m terribly excited about it adding something else to do on my coaching palette, but who knows.  We are currently sitting at 4 wins and 7 losses as a varsity team on the season.  More importantly at this point, is that we are 0-2 in the district.  We started off the year playing inconsistent, but we were getting better every game.  It seems as if we’ve lost our edge right now and we’ve plateaued.  I tell the guys we need guys to compete…every play of every game.  We are just playing too soft defensively and too tentative offensively.  As a unit we’ve lost some cohesiveness.  We all get along, we just need to figure out ways to get 5 guys on the court on the same page.  Individually we’ve had kids step up and play some nice games for us each and every night.  But individual play doesn’t win games.  The kids are obviously down, but they have to understand that the season is a marathon with a sprint at the finish.  Right now we are sucking air in this race, but we’ll find our second wind again and be right back to being competitive.

A lot of the younger kids have shown growth and promise as well this year.  Some kids are getting a lot of minutes at either the C or JV level…some both.  We need kids to see the floor at that level and learn what it takes to compete.  I’m excited to see what some of these kids bring to the table as we wind down our season.

Last night we lost to Sawyer.  Sawyer is having a nice year for their program and they have some pretty nice ball players.  As I mentioned above, our lack of competitiveness has cost us the last few games.  It was the same story last night.  Whenever we got the ball in the lane, they had guys meeting us there.  Whenever they got the ball in the lane, they were met with nothing.  There is a certain attitude that comes with playing defense that we just don’t have right now.  Offensively we are getting better at taking better shots, we really need to start converting close opportunities.  We were 16-58 (0-14 3pt) last night.  Can’t win when you shoot only 28%.  We got to the free throw line 10 times and only converted 3 of those.  Some individual leaders for us last night were Garret Pollman with 15 points and 5 steals and Jake Carroll with 8 points and 13 rebounds.

We have another huge district game coming up on Thursday versus Westhope-Newburg.  It’s a rivalry game and a district game.  We will come ready to compete in this contest.