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Community Service Idea Part 2

Since posting yesterday I have been getting some feedback from staff and patrons about my plan. I wasn’t sure if I explained the proposition or just what time the students would have off.

Let me first show you the minutes involved. Seniors are given 30 minutes a day off, if they have no D’s or F’s.  This in a semester of 88 days equals 2640 minutes. Last year the students were given a 50 minute period in the second semester which is 4400 minutes. So if they want the same time off last year’s senior class was given they would need 1760 more minutes off of school.  Second semester would be 2640 with just the 8th period. This alone is 5280 minutes off of school.

So basically I was offerring for 25 hours of community service, which is different then volunteering, was a full period 45 minutes(3960 total) and also the 8th period for the semester another 2640 minutes. Totaling 6600 in a semester. Keep in mind they have gotten 2640 in the first semester already. Together the seniors would have a total of 6600 and the first semester total of 2640, which equals 9240 minutes.

I find this number crunching a bit mundane so bottom line. Most of them wanted the same as last year. (4400 minutes) A free period. Here are basically the options offerred,

a. combine the first semester and second semester 8th periods and be over the allotted 4400 minutes.

b. release the seniors 30 minutes earlier than their 8th period, which would give them all the partial 7 and 8th period off. (4400 minutes) disregard the earlier 2640.

c. Revisit the 25 hours of community service and take the 30 minutes and the 45 minutes along with the first semester. Totaling 9240 minutes. Keep in mind if the community service isn’t done they would be in class the 4th quarter. If failing they would be in class.

d. Have off a period of their choosing but then they would not be allowed the 8th period off.

The seniors instead would like to have the big number given to them. I am not sure the reason of the earning, as this is more time off than other senior classes have received.

I met with the Seniors and they negotiated the deal to 12 hours. It is a win win. We as a community get our students to give some service and the students get some time out of the building if they choose. I think both sides learned quite a bit in the negotiating process. I am proud of the senior class.


As we get into second semester please be patient with our new security measures. Keep in mind that these are for our students and staff’s safety.