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What a week!!

Wow, we started the second semester with a flash. I am really amazed at the amount of things that happen in one week of school. This week was really busy. Here are a few items that occurred;

Hockey game! We defeated Minot. It was exciting and fun to beat the big school. Hats off to fans, players, coaches, and everyone who makes the games go. Man it was cold Monday. I guess we all better get used to it.

Tuesday we had our schedule begin to shape up. We had a ton of kids in some classes and few in others. The highschool couldnt avoid this with a small class of sophomores, but in the junior high, we had a few errors. Boy it wasn’t easy to fix. In the end we were able to divide the English below 30 and we also divided a reading class that allowed us to move our math classes to more manageable numbers to accomodate our student needs. I hope it all works out ok. It sure seems to be a headache but I would like to thank the staff for their patience and the counslor for all of her help as well.

Wednesday I was able to move a few more things and Thursday and Friday we have ball games also. On Friday I had 6 teachers gone and two subs that ended up sick or had car trouble. Well I better go. Until Next time, JB