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Winding Down

We’ve had a couple of games since my last post.  We have lost games against Westhope, TGU, Berthold and Minot Ryan.  In 3 out of 4 of those games we competed, against Berthold we did not show up to play mentally.  They are a very good team, but we allowed them to do things too easily simply because our defensive mindset wasn’t where it should have been.


Against Westhope I was very pleased with our effort and confidence.  That’s really all it boils down to…effort and confidence.  There’s no doubt we’ve had effort on the defensive side of the ball.  Offensively we’ve struggled all year.  Against Westhope it was different.  Kids wanted the ball and they executed great!  We found ourselves down at several points in the game only to battle back and regain the lead.  This loss is an extremely frustrating one for me, only because I think I cost our team the game at the end.  I had timeouts and did not use them.  We had a 4 point lead with under a minute to go, and had them completely on their heels.  We got flustered a couple of times and I should have used timeouts to settle us down, especially with under 10 seconds to go in regulation.  The kids fought hard, hopefully this game will help us out at tournament time.


TGU was another game where we played well defensively, just couldn’t find the confidence to get it done offensively.  We held them to 43 points, but we only scored 35.  They’re a bigger team than us so we couldn’t attack the rim as much.  We had to battle back again in this one, just didn’t have enough to overtake them.  Their point guard hit some huge shots in the 2nd half to keep us just out of reach.  We beat them in 3 out of 4 quarters, but didn’t come out in quarter 2 and that cost us.


The Berthold game scared me, not because I think they are a better team, but because of the time and location.  We played this game in the Minot Auditorium on a Saturday at 7:30 pm.  I feared that since we did not have school that day we would be out of routine…and we were.  Mentally we just were not there the entire 2nd half.  Too many silly turnovers to a hot shooting team was just a bad combination.  They are the opposite of TGU.  Very guard oriented, perimeter team.  They moved the ball well against our zone and we just did not respond well to their shooting.  Tough night.


We most recently played Minot Ryan in Minot.  This is typically one of the toughest away games.  They always have a great crowd and a very fundamentally good team.  We looked great the first 2 minutes of the game!  Then we just fell apart when they pressed us and it took a whole quarter to adjust to their press.  This is my fault.  Again, I should have used earlier timeouts to get us settled and comfortable with what they were doing.  We responded well in the 2nd quarter and got it to a manageable halftime deficit.  We played hard the 2nd half, they just simply did a nice job of attacking the basket and getting to the free throw line where they were 17-22 for the game.  We were 4-10.


We currently sit at 0-4 in the district and we are in desperate need of a confidence boost.  We have 3 district games left to help us gain a better position for the district tournament coming up in less than 2 weeks!  Anything can happen in the next couple of weeks and we expect good things to happen.  We prepare to win every single night, we have to have short memories during the game and play with confidence and aggressiveness each and every time we step foot out there.  I truly believe we can compete with any team in our district.  We only have 4 total games left to get ready for “do or die time”.  We aren’t ready to throw in the towel by any stretch of the imagination…we’re not even looking for the hamper.