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Scheduling and Other Stuff

Another week of scheduling and rescheduling. It seems like the week had plenty of things to do but none more important than storing grades and posting the honor roll. I was able to update the honor roll to match the student handbook. Basically it got tougher. I don’t mind but some people will for sure be upset as the student with the solid 3.0 average isn’t represented any longer. A 3.49 is the minimum requirement to be on the honor roll now.

It was very cold so we tried to hunker down and get some learning done. It seems like there just isn’t a logical break for some time so we are getting a bit on each others nerves. Students and teachers alike are needing something so Snowfest is actually a welcome change.

Grade check for the quarter will be Wednesday!!

Work keys tests were given by the counselor and that took some real effort. We are going to have an awards day for the second quarter. Overall we had very few semester failures. I was pleased but we can still do better. Stay warm and please try to encourage students to lay off the social media. Too much gossip and bullying there! JB