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District Tournament Week

Well its here.  District tournaments start on Thursday.  We play Rugby at 3:00 pm in Rugby.  It’s the time of year we have prepared for all year.  Even though we are the #8 seed of 8 teams, I feel comfortable knowing we can compete with most every team in the district.  It’s not about just hustle and hard work at this time of year, its about hustle, hard work and most importantly…execution.  The execution part has been the most inconsistent part for us all year long.  Hopefully the kids are excited and ready.  We have nothing to lose, going to play hard and smart this weekend.


We had a good practice today so that’s encouraging.  I was really impressed with how focused and hard we competed today.  I haven’t been able to say that a lot this year, but today was a good day and hopefully a sign of some good things to come!