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Now the craziness begins!!

I had to be the lone administrator in the building for the latter part of last week. It was pretty good duty but very busy. We had several student isuues to deal with and we did manage to get through most of them.  The ice sculptures were vandalized and those responsible are being dealt with. It is too bad that we have students who do this, but we aren’t the only school who does. We also had a huge three game stand for hockey. We also had regional wrestling on the weekend as well. There was no shortage of activities. Now here is the best part… gets crazier this week!!!

We will have regional hockey on Thursday. Students will be dismissed at Noon and be required to check in with an administrator at the event if they go. The basketball district tournament will begin in Rugby and the students will be dismissed to attend this at 2:00. We will have a sign in or check in there as well.

We have state wrestling beginning on Thursday. I will be attending this. (Go Tanner)

At this point we do not have a fan bus going to any of the events and we do not have a bus available to do this.

We will see what happens on the second day of this tournament also. You never know. Good luck to all participants. Be sure that all of those traveling wear your seatbelts!! I WILL TRY TO UPDATE SOON. JB