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Wrapping Things Up

Basketball season came to an abrupt end on Friday the 15th.  We started the district tournament out against #1 seeded Rugby.  I was extremely happy with the way the kids opened the game.  We came out intense, and executed things great!  Rugby is such a good team that a team cannot afford to relax one bit against them.  I feel like we exhaled after the first quarter and relaxed.  Rugby pounced on us and never relented.  Rugby is playing great basketball after winning the tournament in pretty easy fashion.  They have an excellent shot at representing District 11 at the state tournament.


Friday’s game was a tough one to swallow.  Every time your season comes down to win or go home situation, its tough to swallow when you lose.  The kids played hard, no doubt about that.  It’s all about execution this time of year and we just simply didn’t execute in this game.  We finally were able to get to the foul line like we wanted…15 times.  However, we were only to convert on 5 of those 15 foul line attempts.  It was simply that we didn’t execute from the foul line.  We had our chances for sure.  The kids were obviously upset after this game.  Any time you set a goal and work hard to achieve said goal and it doesn’t happen, you’re going to take it hard.  We had a lot of chances this year to win games.  Whether it was execution, effort, inexperience, etc…it all falls on me and nobody takes losing harder than me.  I feel I let the kids down with regards to having winning outcomes.  I don’t feel I’ve let them down with regards to becoming a better person.  All of the kids in our program are better young men now that they’ve been through another season playing competitive sports.  I hope they take these lessons they’ve learned and apply them to their real life.  They are sure to experience bigger disappointment or heartache in life than losing a basketball game.  I hope I’ve been able to show them a way to get through tough situations if only at a small level.  If they don’t have greater heartache, disappointment or failure in their lives to follow, then they are truly blessed.