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I have returned!!!!

I had a terrific time in Fargo at the state wrestling tournament. Tanner wrestled well, but did not place. The TMCHS team wrestled well. It was a very good time and the region was represented very well.

The Hockey team and the Boys Basketball team have finished thier seasons. Although neither ended the way we would have liked I believe that everyone involved played hard and gave  it their best efforts. I applaud them because sometimes we can easily forget all the things that athletics give our young people, and even though the lessons aren’t always fun, in the end, we hope that they are better people for having went through the experience. Personally I am very proud of our teams. If you have an athlete on one of the teams, thank you for allowing them to be in an extracurricular activity. I appreciate the sacrifices made. Girls basketball is the last team participating with the district tournament coming next week.

Scheduling willl beging next week by getting a student survey and trying to decide on interests. To do this we will build a catalogue.

Also we are busy preparing for the common core. I will address this in the future but you will hear about it for sure.

We are trying to give our junior high students some incentive and exercise after lunch. For those students who are not failing any class, they will be allowed the privilege to enter the gym. Here they will be able to walk laps and burn some energy. I also am allowing them this time to use their cell phones or music devices. I hope that we can pull up a few failing students with this incentive. It will start Friday! Grade checks will take place every Wednesday. Until next time. JB