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Another Great Week

Well, we have had meetings and happenings like crazy. I have thaHS faculty in three teams. These teams are set up to provide ou students with the best possible education.The teams are as follows: Community, Culture and Climate, (CCC) student support, and the third is instructional leadership. So Far we have met and we are going to continue this for the remainder of the year. I have gotten some excellent feedback regarding school and services for our students.

We also had two students who were Academic All State. Joey Hackman and Brianna Berg. I am very proud of these two for there accomplishments. I also should mention that Joey is a Presidential Scholar nominee. This is also a huge deal. Sometimes i feel blessed to work in such a fine system.

We had a blood drive this week and we have a scrubs camp next week on Wednesday. The events never stop. That is what makes the time go by I guess. We are now faced with a long spell of school without many breaks. This is always tough on faculty and students. It seems to many like spring just cannot get here soon enough. I would like to remind everyone that this is when we get short with each other.

Take some time to enjoy what is left of winter and focus on academics. When spring hits it is really difficult to get focused so we should try now when we have less distractions. Until next time. JB