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Winter Blast and Going Fast

We weren’t in school on Monday due to the storm Sunday night. It was quite a bit of snow and for our patrons up in the hills it was even more. I enjoy snow as much as the next guy but I didn’t need more. We will make this day up on April 1. This is no April fools day joke, we will have school.

One of the Bottineau happenings was the college women’s playoff game. The DCB women picked up the win so they are off to Nebraska this weekend(Go Jacks)

We survived scrubs camp on Wednesday and my hat goes off to all who assisted. I think the students enjoyed this. I certainly know there was a ton of effort by the people who put it on. Thanks.

We are trying to schedule an awards day, I hope this happens because we deserve this. A few students and faculty are starting to get the spring fever, so we need to be aware of this, and deal with each other with kindness. Students are beginning to slack off on their standards too. If you have a son or daughter please remind them to be on their best behavior in March. March madness is a dilemma for schools.

With that being said…enjoy what is left of winter and let’s get ready for track season!!