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Early Out and then some!!

Well, who knew we would get another blast? I believe that we are not done yet but I certainly am hoping that I can will spring to happen. Maybe by getting our track team started we can get old man winter to leave us alone.

This week we took the time to revisit with some of our seniors about getting thier grades up. Some of them are on some pretty tight timelines and schedules and have not left much room for error. As graduation gets closer we cannot afford any extra hurdles.

I also have been reviewing the course catalogue with our counseling staff and getting ready for that to begin. I assume much of our schedule will stay the same. We want input from students so we will be having meetings regarding these.

We also have the state youth risk survey coming up. If you do not want your son or daughter to participate please let us know. Well enough for now, as I want to be here when the busses return. JB