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Twitter account activity………

Greetings to all of our patrons who follow our website and my blog. Recently it is a national trend to use the social media outlet known as Twitter, to say anonymous things to the world wide web. To some this may be no big deal, but the recent trend has been to say hurtful of negative comments with no repercussion. Well this trend has made it to Bottineau public schools. The site is called confession to bhs.

Today we recieved word that the students were doing this, and I have fielded several phone calls and emails regarding the issue. Students use a survey monkey site and then  add comments. They cut and paste them into the site. This way they remain anonymous. It isn’t a whole lot different than face book or my space but the anonymous piece is where the trouble starts.

The question is”what do we do about it?”

Here is our plan. First we look at the time stamps, and any stamp that is happening in our school day is on our property. This is then succeptible to bullying charges. It will be sent to the police.

Second we are blocking certain websites from our school computers. 3rd we are not allowing students to use their phones in the school for the remainder of the day. 4th we will shut down the internet, which will be painful, but we may do this if necessary. 5th We also will not allow students to have phones in our buildings.

This is our plan and we will get to through this but I would hope that many of you would talk to your child or sibling or friend and be sure that we are using media tools for the designed purpose. JB