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Notes from the Superintendent April 2013

Dear Patrons,

The month of April is now here. Hopefully, this means we will not experience anymore winter storms and temperatures will be normal to above normal for this time of year.

The school district was not in session on March 4th and March 18th due to the weather. Monday, April 1st will be used as a makeup day for the storm day on March 4th. At this time, I am not sure how the March 18th day will be made up. I am currently waiting to hear from the state on whether or not they will be forgiving any days. I am hoping the weather will cooperate for the rest of the year and we will not experience any more winter storms.

With the recent storms, the Instant Alert System has been used more than normal. It is important to remember to update your contact numbers. This can be done by updating your own profile, creating a profile, or contacting the school. The school can update your phone numbers, but is limited to how many numbers can be entered. If you have questions in updating or creating a profile, please give me a call at the school.

The school district will be having one last early out on Friday, April 26th. The school district is offering a half day professional development for our teachers. Central School students will be dismissed at 12:30 PM. The buses will leave Middle School at 12:45 PM for their routes.

The last item I would like to address is a twitter account created called “confession to bhs”. I am not sure why this account was established. The account allowed students to post comments anonymously. Many of these comments were directed towards staff and other students. A majority of these comments were not very nice and down right disrespectful. I would ask you as parents to visit with your children about how and what to post to different accounts or web sites. Once written, the words or phrases cannot be taken back. They can and are very hurtful to the individuals that the comments were directed to. Technology is a great thing when used appropriately, and very damaging when used inappropriately. Please remind your children that the use of technological devices is not a right, it is a privilege.