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Bullying..shot in the arm!!

Good day everyone,

Yesterday we watched a bullying video that was a heavy hitter. I apologize for the bluntness of this video. It did contain some language that was pretty rough for a school setting. I knew this going in, and I do not condone this, but the point of the video was well received by our students, and it was very realistic. I hope that we can in some way stop students from being mean to other students. I try to do something every other month.

We also had our 2 year career fair this week. We took 29 students to Minot. Overall I like these things and the keynote speaker was excellent.  We have the teen maze next Friday, which is put on by the family crisis center. Then we get into testing! The first week of May we have the mock car crash, so we will again have some excellent thought provoking lessons for our students. We are really focusing on academics so I do not mind missing a class here or there, to let our students focus on a few other things. After all we are trying to educate in just more than the basics, but throw in academics and our school year has gotten quite hectic. If the weather would cooperate I think everyone would get a little bit happier, but for now we feel like we are in the movie Groundhog Day…same thing over and over!!

Oh well that is enough for now but just thought you should have a heads up for things coming your way. JB