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Notes from the Superintendent

The month of April is now upon us.  My hope is the weather will start cooperating and the snow will just simply go away.  There are two topics I would like to cover in this article.  These two items are  1) Early Dismissal for a Professional Development Day, 2) the school districts Facilities Master Plan with a possible building project.

The Bottineau Public School will be having an Early Out on Friday, April 26th.  This early dismissal is for professional development.  Central School will dismiss at 12:30 pm, buses will leave Middle School for their routes at 12:45 pm.

The Bottineau School District with the help of JLB Architects, is in the process of creating a Facilities Master Plan.  This plan will include long range goals, deferred maintenance, and building options of the Bottineau Public Schools facilities.  The district is in the need to evaluate the Central School.  This building houses our K-2 students.  JLG has met with both the staff and the board over the past couple of months.  The information gained from these meetings is helping JLG to formulate a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan.  From the meeting, JLG has created six options for how our district will look in the future.  The first option is to add on to the current Jr./Sr. High and Middle School building.  This would make the building a PK-12 instead of 3-12.  The second option is to build a new PK-5 building on the land the school owns on the south end of the fair grounds.  The third option is to build a PK-5 building at Central and then remodel portions of the current building.  This would be done in two phases.  This would be a two story school.  The fourth option would be to build a three story PK-5 building at Central and to remodel portions of the current building.  The fifth option is to purchase land and build a single level PK-5 building.  The sixth option is to stay status quo and remodel buildings to bring them up to current code.  The board is in the process of evaluating each of the options.  Once these options have been evaluated, the district will have public forums to gain insight and input from you the public.  At this point, there have been no decisions made.  The district is still in the beginning stages.  As this process moves forward, the district looks forward to the publics input in creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment for the students of the Bottineau Public School.  This input will be gained in public forums.  These forums will beheld once our Facilities Master Plan is completed.  As it becomes available, information will be posted to our website.