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Summer School News

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a year here at Bottineau Junior/Senior High. We have had many challenges and changes from in the past. We are continually trying to increase our student’s achievement and the amount of learning, so that our students can find success in the world after their time with us.

One area we would like to discuss with you is summer school. After testing, our records indicate that some students in junior high fall  below the 50th percentile,(state test and natonal) in Language and Reading. Although this is a concern for us, as well as you, it should not be looked upon as a failure. It should be looked upon as a challenge. You have my unwavering support that the school will attempt to erase this deficit. One of the options is summer school.

We will have a session that will run from 17th of June through the 28th of June.  This session we will focus on Reading. We have a brand new program with a strong record of success. I believe if we can get the reading score increased, then the language will increase as well. To do nothing, is not in the best interest of our students.  This is a volunteer program, but this is where I am asking for your assistance. I believe we need to partner up for this challenge. If you can send them, we can take this on together.

The students transportation will be provided by parents  and we will not have a lunch program so a sack lunch is also going to be needed. I realize this is a cost and I am thankful that it is only 2 weeks. I do believe we will see some gains however, which will outweigh any cost.

I would like to thank you for considering this option and please contact the office and let us know if your child will be attending our learning academy. We would love to have them.

In grades 9-12 we will be offering a summer school option also. Here we will offer a class in Math, and a class in English and a Physical Education. The classes will be offered in an attempt to recover a lost 1/2 credit, or in some cases to move ahead a 1/2 credit. The days will be the same as our junior high academy, and we will be able to differentiate within the class.  The transportation and lunch restrictions are the same as for our junior high students. The sign ups will be in the office and please take a moment to consider if this is right for your child.

Joel Bickford