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BHS National Close-Up Says Thank you!

The BHS National Close-Up participants and their instructors wish to thank the community for their assistance and support in helping make our trip to Washington, D.C. and New York a reality.  We spent the week of April 21-28 learning about the principles of our government, the responsibility of being a citizen, and the importance of honoring those who fought for our freedom.

We were able to visit with Senator John Hooven, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, and Representative Kevin Cramer, who imparted their knowledge of current issues concerning our state and about the legislative work they are involved with at the national level.

Students were able to see first hand many historic monuments and buildings which included the following:  visiting the U.S. Capital, the Smithsonian’s (Holocaust, American History, Natural History, Aerospace/Science etc.), Memorials (Pentagon, Korean, African American Civil War, WWII, Ghandi, Jefferson, Vietnam, FDR, Martin Luther King, Washington, Lincoln, 9/11), National Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Library of Congress, and United Nations.

Students took part in various workshops involving such activities as mock congress, debated several current issues, played the roles of legislators, lobbyists and learned about what a liberal, conservative, or independent believes in so as to identify their own political position.  Other activities included seeing Pentagon City and Georgetown while in Washington, D.C. and a harbor cruise, Broadway play, visiting Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Plaza and the financial districts while in New York.

This was an awesome experience and again we thank you for all your support and generosity.

Gale Wondrasek-Lane
Mary Grosgebauer
Taylor Parisien
Dylan Arntzen
Sam Thorsgaard
Alberto Moncera
Kevin Graber
Dalton Sivertson
Scott Davis
Lee Schneider
Noah Grant
Kennedy Olson
Kyler Kortgaard
Ashleigh Jerde
Erin Severson
Carley Onarheim
Karley Meyer
Ashley Blue
Katilyn Gottbreth
Marlyss Jostad
Crystal McKay