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Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back everyone. Things here are picking up steam. We have had several workshops in the building to offer our teachers some coursework. They have to do so many for credit to keep thier licensure current. A few items that are on everyone’s mind are:

1. Schedule……I will attach the current schedule. This was created based on students needs and thier desires so lets try to keep changes at a minimum. A few notes on the schedule are that there is only one Zero hour class and that is Journalism with Mrs. Jackie Bullinger. It is open to 9-12 students and is an English elective. Also there is a first hour music appreciation class with Mrs. Marum, and a second period choir class called choral ensemble. This was auditioned for, but having no roster, I did not load all of the students. Any student taking an ITV course or a college course coordinate this through Mrs. Glassners office.  We will be using an alert now type of method and have a set day for a final registration period for each grade level.

2. We do not have a FACS/Health teacher as of yet. This may change a few things. One thing is that the Health portion is a state requirement so we may look to hire a heath teacher and continue with our curriculum but definitely have a health focus.

3. If you have not done any reading or writing it is a good time to get your brain in gear. Do a bit of reading before bed and write a letter or anything that will get the motor neurons in your writing arm firing.

4. Staffing changes- We have said good-bye to Mrs. Law, Miss Erickson, Mrs. Tolstad, and Mrs Williams, and Mr. Hershey. I wish them all well and will miss them. We now have Mrs. Lafromboise, Mrs. Mogan, Mrs. Auth and Mrs. Palmer. I would like to welcome them and I look forward to working with them. They will be an excellent addition to the instructional team. I will post a schedule on the school website so take a look and compare it with your registered classes.  I will be back soon, JB