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The Busiest Place In Town!!!

If you have been to the school I am sure you would agree, it resembles a bee hive. So much activity. Today we had football practice, cheerleading practice, volleyball practice and registration, going on all at the same time. We also had a few teachers in their rooms working and the whole office staff getting everything ready for the start of school. We had outside help assembling lockers in the halls to add to the mayhem!

As for me, I helped a few register, but also took some time to help hang a few TV’s in the building. These will serve as monitors for announcements etc for our students. The ITV department spent a great portion of their day working on the cabling for this reject, which was paid for by the PTO. I think it will be a real hit with our students. We have one in the main entry at each end of the building and 2 in our cafeteria.

As for scheduling other than a few tweaks we should be ready to roll. We have a FACS teacher coming at semester. Until then our students will have Health which is a state requirement. Second semester we will see some changes but all in all we are ready to roll.JB