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Lets get the year going!

The Principals Office

August 2013 Edition


Welcome back everyone!

The new school year is upon us and I thought I might take a minute to let you know a few things that we have going on and the impact they may have on your child.

Our elementary is growing at a fair pace. I do not like to quote numbers but we needed the space that was formerly the learning center to make room for our special needs preschool. The learning center will be headquartered out of the classroom portion of building trades. This was an inconvenience for many, but could not be avoided. It seemed like a logical solution and the best use of our assets.

We also are discussing building options for future growth and have had several open meetings to discuss these options. The current facility that is Central Elementary is to the point that a remodel will be as costly as a new building project. With the changes in education and needs of students the board is looking forward and planning. Some have asked me if we really need the new facility and I simply equate this with driving a 1950 model car. At some point even with excellent maintenance it will need to be replaced. Schools are similar. Some point about every 30 years we need an upgrade. Nobody likes to pay for things through taxes but with a school I believe we see something for our money. I cannot say that I like taxes and spending my money more than anybody else and it is a decision that is uniquely personal. This will be voted on, so get all the factual information you can (use our website) and get informed of the price, the effect it will have on you, and please come out to vote.

We also did not fill our FACS position until second semester. This impacted our schedule. We had to get health to our Junior High students so we used the staff in place that are qualified and took some electives off the table for the senior high. This, coupled with the new elementary sections of our shared staff, made scheduling difficult to say the least. We are forging ahead and things will work out. I am very pleased to announce that our staff took on the challenge very well and I commend them in helping out. They are all team players.

We also finished negotiations and got the contract issues worked out. It was a hard process and I saw first hand how it affected both sides. I don’t have an opinion because my contract is handled separately, but I do know that negotiations are the business part of a school. I cannot fault anyone on either side. You have to understand that the teachers want the best deal they can get, and the board wants to control the school budget. That is their job, because like all of us, they are accountable. Both sides naturally will be at odds to a degree. In the end it gets settled and nobody wins or loses it is just settled, which means we can get contracts to teachers. I want to thank everyone for the efforts it took to get the process done. I know it wasn’t fun nor was it easy.

The staff and administration will work the hardest we can, to provide your students with a quality education. Please help us. There is an email option when your student is gone that allows you to email the office directly. Also if you have a student gone for a doctor visit a note must be in our hands within 36 hours. We will not chase them down for exemptions after that, and the student will be counted as unexcused.


We have a few other things but I have to stop. There are students to serve and staff to assist. Lets have an awesome school year!

Until next time,

Joel Bickford