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Closing in on a Month……

As most of you can tell, the weather is beginning to change. SInce i do not have air conditioning I haven’t minded. Schools in the area were very hot for the first few days as were we but we didn’t close as some did. We persevered. Most of the teachers found out that the library concessions area nd a few computer labs had cool space to keep students focused.

Our first eligibility check came out today. I am not surprised to find many students doing well. I also believe that attendance is up. I know we have some students not doing as well and we will aggressively seek those students out for assistance because we want them to learn to their fullest and we believe that they can. A quick reminder that students grades are checked weekly.

I also want to remind students and parents that we would appreciate a phone call when your child is absent. If it is a doctors visit we would like a note from the doctor within 36 hours. It makes our tracking so much more accurate.

Tonight is the public hearing on our bond issue. This will inform the voters of the cost and design, and answer any questions that they may have. I will not tell people how they should vote but please vote.

Finally a word about our staff. They are working hard to provide your child with a world class education. We will shift to another teacher in English as Mrs. Alinder is still gone on maternity leave and Mrs. Parsons is going on maternity leave. I would like to commend Mrs. Parsons for doing a tremendous job that was dropped on her before school. The students will miss you and the title students you serve cannot wait until you return.

We also are looking forward to our FACS teacher coming on board. I now this has caused some undue hardship on scheduling of staff and students but thanks for the patience and understanding. I will have to get going now. Thanks for following. JB