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Academics are Serious Business!

Today we are in the midst of testing. The NWEA testing takes considerable time to administer and schedule but we do get some excellent data from this. We even use this to gauge where students are at. I would like us to guide instruction based on some of this data and in time I believe we will.

I also would like to point out a few useful items. We have instructions for our powerschool data on our school website. This enables you to check your child’s grades.  I cannot believe how many parents tell me that they do not know how to access their child’s grades. The usual response when a student fails is that as a parent we asked the children if they had homework. This may be adequate for avoiding a conflict but please never take them at their word, without checking this at times. By nature students don’t always tell the whole story. They are teens! Please check up on them. After all, isn’t this the responsibility of a parent?

In elementary school we took the time to drop off the student and put work on the refridgerator when it was brought home. Why did we quit asking? Please take the time to check the grades weekly.  I have to run. Girls Volleyball in Dunseith tonight and FB is in Des Lacs Burlington on Thursday. Both teams are playing well so take some time to enjoy our athletic events. JB