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Live Streaming Events

We have been testing out our live streaming equipment and process.  So far we have broadcast a volleyball game and a football game.  For our first attempts I believe we were successful.  There were a couple of connection glitches, but this basically told us to hardwire things and don’t depend on Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is solid technology, but for something like this we want to limit our points of failure.

I have been very happy with the quality of broadcast we are able to put out compared to the cost of the equipment…it is quite a value.  Going forward we are going to work to try to establish some regularity for our broadcasts, which will depend heavily on what type of student involvement we are able to drum up.  It would be great if this was able to be a largely student run venture.  Running a camera, doing some play by play and color commentary and production work are all valuable experiences for our students to have.

The site where you can see Bottineau Public School events is High School Cube.  I will put a link to this site under Parent/Student info as well as under athletics and events.  I will also be putting a link to a live stream in the “Upcoming Events” column on the right next to whatever event we are broadcasting.  So far we have done sports, mainly because it was quick and easy to setup.  We are looking at doing other events as well depending on if the person heading up those events would like them live streamed or not, as well as the availability of people to work them.  With commentary and camera work it was nice to have three people.

When I came here three years ago we had a couple of classes messing around with some basic video editing via iMovie.  We now have a dedicated multimedia curriculum implemented by Mr. Simpson which is doing really interesting stuff with photoshop and premiere.  We now have the means to produce events, with camera and broadcasting crew(s).  I picked up a dvd/cd duplicator so we can pump out disks quickly and efficiently with some post production.  There is a lot of potential here, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this evolves over the upcoming years and what type of experience it provides for the students.

Please do keep in mind while you are watching these events that this is designed as a learning tool.  We are working to provide more accessibility to events for our community, but glitches will happen as we all learn more and more about how this all works.