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Volleyball, Voting, and an Open House!!

It has been a while since I last posted. Things are running fairly smooth at this precise moment. Keep in mind that this can go backwards at any time.

A few things I want to touch on:

Volleyball isin the district tournament. We are the 1 seed and play Rugby tonite(Friday). Check tournament brackets on school webpage for time. It wont be exact but pretty close. The championship if we win will be on Monday and that is scheduled to be webcast through the school website. We have very positive feedback from our football games so we are going to do volleyball on Monday. We are pretty excited and I hope the girls can get a win tonight so that we can be webcasting the championship. Go Stars!

The voting for our referendum will be the 5th of November. I hope you can all exercise your right to vote.

We had an open house for parent teacher conferences and we thought more people came in. It was really much more fun for the staff. They had displayed many works of the students and we all thought that the students appreciated this also.  We have such wonderful students why not highlight their work? We did just that and it was a great night with great food and plenty to do. We will have another in the spring. Gotta Run…..JB