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New Faces,Same Places

Hello Everyone,

As I write this it is in the full chill of our winter wonderland. Be sure that your child has a hat gloves and/or mittens to wear in the cold weather. I should not have to say this but please make sure they are wearing long pants, and not shorts. Students who get on the bus without proper clothing will need to be picked up after school.

We will have our FACS teacher on board this next semester. She is Miss Amber Carlson. We are really excited to have her join and have heard many glowing remarks from her student teaching supervsors in Grafton.

We also will have a student teacher in Ag, working with Mr. Wettlaufer.


As we get these folks on board I am really excited to tell you that we finally have all of our baby mothers back from maternity leave. Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Alinder are back and into the swing of things.

We have a Winter Christmas Concert on Thursdaty starting at 7:30 in the auditorium. Get there early as seats will go fast.

Be sure to check out the webcasts of our events if you know you cannot make it. It is usually smooth but may need some tweaking. Mr. Simpson and myself will be doing some events, as well as Mr. Duttenheffer and Mr. Keller. We also plan to have students broadcasting the games this winter and these will be provided by Mr. Simspon’s classes.

I also want all of you to take a minute and review our policy of finals and finals exemtions. These can be found in our handbook. This is available at our website. Well, try t stay warm and feel free to call with any questions you may have. Remember we do not know how we are doing unless we have feedback. Until next time. Joel Bickford Principal.