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Student Broadcast

We have been working out how to maximize the number of events we are able to broadcast.  As the sports schedule heats up it’s vital to find multiple people who are able to handle setting up the equipment and running the camera(s) as well as commentary.  There have been a couple of broadcasts where a staff member as well as students have been involved.

Last night was a big step forward for us as it was the first time that students fully ran the broadcast.  We had a student (Hunter Wall) running the camera, and two students doing play-by-play and color commentary (Harrison Aide & Danielle McDonald).  The broadcast went very well.  There was one point where the wi-fi dropped, but that isn’t caused by the students.  The camera work was right on point, and the students seemed very comfortable running the commentary.  Over all it was a quality broadcast.

When we first conceptualized this project, we intended for students to be heavily involved.  It gives them some experience doing things with video and audio that are impossible to replicate in a classroom only setting.  Maybe a couple of them get a taste of broadcasting and decide to explore it, or a related field, as a possible career opportunity.  This also provides a valuable service to our community.  Hopefully this is the start of our student body capitalizing on this opportunity.