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Notes from the Superintendent

January has now come and gone. 2014 has brought interesting weather for our area. The temperature has fluctuated from very cold to warm. Unfortunately, there have been more cold days than warm.

Because of the cold weather, the district did not have school on Monday, January 6th. Although a majority of school districts in the state were not in session, the Governor will not be forgiving this day. The district will need to make this day up. School will be in session on Monday, February 17th.

The district will have an early out on Friday, February 14th. This will be used for a professional development activity for our staff. Buses will leave Central School at 12:30, and 12:45 from the Middle School for their routes.

The district has recently posted the School Board Policy Book to our school website. The policy book can be accessed under the Quick Links tab located on the right side of the school website. By clicking on the School Board Policy Book, you will be taken to a screen showing the categories of the School Board Policies. This will give patrons easy access to the school districts policies. I hope everyone will find this very useful.

In November, the district mailed a survey to everyone who voted at the Special School Board Election on a school bond for a new PK-5 school. The results and comments are now available on the school website. I would encourage patrons to take the time to read through the comments and results. The response was tremendous. Out of the 1050 mailed surveys, the district received 606 responses. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone completing the survey. The school website is

On Wednesday, January 22, the Bottineau Public School Board met in a special meeting to discuss the future building project for the district. The board also had a special meeting on Wednesday January 15th. This meeting discussed the results of the survey and comments.

From the January 15th meeting, the board narrowed down the options to building east of town (voted on November 5) and placing all grades K-12 under one roof. The board set their next special meeting on January 22nd. The board discussed the pros and cons of each of the options. After much discussion, the board voted to move forward with the option bringing all grade levels under one roof at our current 3-12 building. At this time, the date of this special election has not been set. The district will be scheduling Public Forums in the future. Dates and times will be advertised.

I would again remind everyone school will be session on Monday, February 17th due to the school not being in session on Monday, January 6th.