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School Wide Book Read

By now you probably have heard that we are into our second week of the school wide book read. As a school we are reading “Memory Boy” by Will Weaver. It is a wonderful story.

Why would 7-12 students read the same book? Well to answer the question would take a while, so I will attempt to get you some solid answers. First off, the book was aimed at males grades 7-12. The author specializes in getting young males to read. When we researched our data we noticed that our boys scores were lower than our girls. Neither score was  excellent and as a school, we are dedicated this year, to become better readers. We base this on our testing scores. We have added a section of reading and a specialized reading program into our junior high so we are serious. We (staff and I) believe that students get better at reading, by simply reading. Even if someone reads to a student and they follow along. We, at BHS have the book we are reading, read out loud over the intercom. This is for our struggling readers. Another reason to support this, is that our students are always in a crunch to get thier AR(accelerated Reader) points for their English classes done. This book will be one that will assist in this process, as well. We also liked the book. It is an unusual sight to see the students lining the halls following along with the book. I have to admit as an educator I like it….I really like it.

We have to attack our student weaknesses, if we do not, will they learn as individuals? We will not be giving the world class education if we cannot assist our students and enable them to read. If a person cannot read they are intellectually handicapped. We are not just giving “lip service” to this issue. I am anxious to see if we improve these scores and of course with all the data we can get via testing we should be able to determine if this was a valuable use of time and resources. Until next time JB