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5th & 6th Grade Girls BBall Info

We are finishing up week two for the 5th & 6th grade girls basketball season (I usually refer to them as “Pee Wee’s”).  So fare things are going very well.  We have a great group of girls whom all work hard and are eager to learn.  I wanted to provide some information regarding scheduling and team break downs.  We have been fortunate to have a high level of participation at this level.  We have broken down each of the grade levels in to two teams.  Information will be posted on the website and occationally sent home.  The most updated version of the game schedule is posted to the website as soon as changes have been made.  It can be seen here or by going to:  athletics -> girls basketball and then clicking the 5th & 6th grade game schedule.  You can also find our practice schedule by going to:  calendars -> 5th & 6th grade girls basketball schedule.  There you will see both games and practices listed.

The team break downs for the 5th grade are as follows.  Coach Brandvold will communicate with the girls and parents regarding which team is playing in which game.


5th Stars Team #1 5th Stars Team #2
Olivia Nero Paige Wall
Sabra Peterson Kasey Wall
Madison Poitra Mya Troska
Whitni Peck Myah Radtke
Lyka Suchan Madeline Wilmot
Ashley Olson Madison Hiatt
Kristy Coleman

Anna Haakenson

Shaylee Miller Zoey Hallada

The team break downs for the 6th grade are as follows:

6th Stars #1 6th Stars #2
Madison Agnes Rylee Williams
Carlie Millang Sai Canales
Ashtyn Allard Jewel Stewart
Hadley Thompson Ashley Spence
Mary Peltier Erin Morin
Chelsey Jahner Adyson Jelleberg
Abigayle Brandjord Samantha Hill
Jenna Beaver Alexa Halvorson
McKenzie Allard Morgan Haerer
Madelyn Halvorson



With the schedule in it’s current form, the game break down will be as follows:



3/25 TGU Stars #1 Home
4/3 MLS Both Teams Home
4/5 Glenburn Tourney Stars #2 Glenburn
4/10 Kenmare Stars #1 Kenmare
4/15 Westhope/Newburg Stars #2 Home
4/22 MLS Both Teams MLS
4/25 Bottineau Jamboree Both Teams Home
5/1 Westhope/Newburg (?) Newburg
5/3 MLS Jamboree Stars #1 MLS
5/5 TGU Stars #2 Towner


It is possible the Westhope/Newburg game on 5/1 could change to a 5th & 5th game.  The MLS games are scheduled for one 5th grade game and two 6th grade games for both home and away.

Please stay flexible as we work out scheduling and play time.  I feel pretty good about what we have now.