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6th Girls BBall vs MLS & Hunter’s Safety


We have two games scheduled on 4/3 vs MLS.  Due to hunters safety class I am moving around the teams a little bit for this one instance.  It worked out that the vast majority of hunters safety participants were on team #2.  So team #2 will play at 5:00, team #1 will play at 6:00.  Below is how I think things should look for Thursday (4/3) vs MLS.

6th Stars #1

6th Stars #2

Madison Agnes

Rylee Williams

Madelyn Halvorson

Carlie Millang

Sai Canales

Jewel Stewart

Erin Morin

Ashley Spence

Mary Peltier

Ashtyn Allard

Chelsey Jahner

Adyson Jelleberg

Abigayle Brandjord

Samantha Hill

Jenna Beaver

Alexa Halvorson

McKenzie Allard

Morgan Haerer

Hadley Thompson

If I don’t have your child listed for team #2, but they are in hunters safety they will still play in the first game (5:00).  I think I have everyone who said they were taking part in it listed under #2.  All hunters safety participants play in the first game.  There are some listed for team #2 that are not in hunters safety, they will also play @ 5:00 to even up the numbers a bit.

From the above listing, for Thursday 4/3:

Stars #2 plays @ 5:00

Stars #1 plays @ 6:00

If your child is listed on a different team, this is a one off switch only to accommodate several students that are taking part in this other activity.