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There is no end to the amount of marginally useful gadgets for people to buy.  (I am by no means endorsing these products, just showing some of the interesting things that are available)

Have an itch to relive the glory days of Dukes of Hazzard or Smokey and the Bandit?  You can grab this handy little attachment for your iPhone from ThinkGeek on sale now for $9.99.  It has it’s own battery so it won’t drain your phone.  unfortunately it won’t qualify as a hands free device while driving.









The “smartBandStand” is still in the “trying to get funding” stage, so don’t expect to see this on the market any time soon.  If you are interested in making sure your iDevice has a means of locomotion when it gains sentience, this might be the device for you!





For the baker that has everything, you can now easily personalize your goods.  ValekRollingPins can custom engrave a message to be pressed in to your creation.  A customized rolling-pin will run you $57.04, while off the rack mass designed rolling pins can be had for $42.78.









Does your laptop have the urge to camp?  Fill that need with this handy laptop tent!  The idea behind the tent is to reduce glare so you can use the laptop on a bright shiny day.  You can route cables through various holes and there are a few pockets for some storage.  If you’re going to be outside frequently, this might be the accessory for you.  It’ll run you $84.75 from Think Tank Photo.






Own your very own AT-ST!  (Star Wars enthusiasts will get it…)  This stand is designed for your iPhone/iPod.  It articulates in several places, making it handy to swing around while still maintaining a stable base.  It might seem a little pricey at $69, but if you need to hold your phone steady over top of things for long periods of time…something like this might be worth checking out.  It can be picked up from IPEVO.





If your family is anything like mine, everyone has at least one device that needs to be charged overnight, some have multiple.  It can get to be quite the hassle when you travel.  Something like this device will help cut back on the amount of outlets you need to take up with those devices.  Handy when you are out of the house and have limited access to power.  There are many different brands and models of similar devices, this one in particular is a Sabrent 4-port compact usb wall charger.  $14.99 on amazon and Prime eligible.



Tool organization is an ongoing process for most of us.  I personally dig on using magnetic strips to hold tools against a wall.  It holds them securely as well as making them clearly visible and easy to grab when you need.  This is an example of one available magnetic tool holder.  This one saves a little real estate over the ones I used because it turns the tools on their edge instead of keeping them flat.  If you’re like me though…big paws necessitate the tools be spread out a little more to remove them without the frustration of knocking other things out of the way.  The one displayed here is the Torn MPH10RT magnetic Plier Holder and sells for $16.23 on Amazon, Prime eligible.



Reminder:  I do not endorse any of these products, the links are not reference links for the school.  I thought a gadget post would be semi interesting.