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Summer is here!!!

It is official we have summer. I hope everyone has a safe break. We are busy as ever in the school. I am posting next years class schedule to the school website. It could change depending on some staffing issues. It will however give students a good idea of classes to take. We will allow 2 days for changes next year. The plan is to call in students to finalize their schedule prior to the start. Once we have this completed we will still allow 2 days. Keep in mind if you need a required course choose these before deciding on electives.

One of the new courses for high school is Jazz band. This will not be in 8th period any longer. I also think the junior high students will see some changes. We will have an explore hour. This will be four courses that run for 9 weeks. Students in the 7th grade will have Computers,Art,Study Skills,AG. All seventh grade students will have nine weeks of each of these. The 8th grade students will have Computers, Study Skills, AG and Spanish.

We also will be offering a local history to our junior high students and we will be placing several in TTM which is a computerized math program. Students who are not proficient in math will be in this course. It is similar to our reading course. I firmly believe it will help with math skills.

Making all of this happen will take some time and effort.

Enjoy the summer. JB