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5th Grade Music News

We have been in school almost a month already.  Your kids are really rockin’ in music class.  I must apologize to all of you for the “Cups” song.  I am sure your kids have been practicing and showing off their mad “cups” skills.  I promise you, I did tell them that lunch in the cafeteria and the dinner table were probably not the best place to practice.  However, I am totally impressed with their passion for perfecting this song.

Why are we learning the “Cups” song?  Well, we will be performing it, along with all other choir students, about 200, at our upcoming show.  This year’s show is called “Let’s Go to the Movies”.  It will be performed Nov. 14 and 15.  Our annual fall show has now become a tradition for our school.  I am hoping that many of you have attended one of our shows.  If not, you are in for quite a treat.  It is a show full of singing, dancing, costumes, props, lighting, and AWESOME performers.

The 5th graders this year are performing music from “Mary Poppins” as their feature number.  For this, I am asking that the students find their own costume.  I would like them to resemble the chimney sweeps from the movie.  I am attaching pictures of chimney sweep costumes.  Some of the items that make the costume work are vests, suspenders, newsboy hats, boots, all in neutral colors.

Other costume needs will include black pants and a white shirt.  We will be wearing this for our opening number.  Black pants can also be used for chimney sweep costume and will be worn every time your child appears on stage.

One of the students’ favorite things about the show is the commemorative t-shirt that the students get as part of their costume.  The t-shirt features the show emblem on the front and on the back is a list of everyone who participated in the show.  They will wear them for a couple of their songs in the show.  However, these shirts get a bit pricey.  To cover the cost of the t-shirt and any other props that your child will be using, I am asking for a $15 costume fee from each student.  Of course, if this is a problem, I will not deny your child the opportunity to be a part of the show.  You can send a check with your child made out to BHS Choir and they can give it to me OR you can drop it with Connie in the Middle School office.  If this could be done by Oct. 17, that would be great!

And just a heads up, we will begin selling tickets for the show Nov. 3.  THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT!!!!!! Ticket prices will be $8.  IF there are tickets available the night of the show, they will be $10 at the door.  This is the only concert of the year that we charge an admission fee.  It is our primary fundraiser for the choir department.  Again, if this is a problem for your family, there are ways to work around this.  I will need LOTS of volunteers to usher and room monitors in the classrooms.  I am also looking for a couple “crafty” people to help with making the chimney sweep brooms for us.  If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to email me at or call the school at 228-2266 and leave a message.


Musically Yours,

Jaque Marum