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State Journalism Contest

“The Chippewa” newspaper has won first place at the State Journalism Contest. We are officially ranked the “Best Overall Newspaper” in Division II (which means we have less than 750 students) in the state. We achieved this by taking first in 3 of the 4 judging categories, including: Writing and Editing, Graphic Presentation, and Business Operations.

Individually, the staff won another 23 awards, including:

First place awards for Erin Severson, Emmalie Munson (2), Laura EllenBrandjord, and Ashleigh Jerde (2);

Second place awards to Ashleigh Jerde (2), Hannah Reimche, and Laura Ellen Brandjord;

Third place awards to Laura Ellen Brandjord, Andrew Haberman, Ashleigh Jerde, Jair Peltier, and Erin Severson (2);

eight honorable mention awards to Laura Ellen Brandjord (2), Erin Severson (2), Madison Klebe, Andrew Haberman, and Ashleigh Jerde (2)

I am taking my senior staff to Denver on the 15th for the National Convention, where Erin and Ashleigh will be competing in News Writing and Cartooning, respectively. Congratulate them for their hard work this year when you see them!

-Jackie Bullinger