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Speech Team at Regionals

The Speech Team received 3rd place overall at the Regional tournament yesterday in Velva. The following students placed individually.

Connor McWhinney-3rd Entertain, 4th Storytelling
Anaka Grenier-6th Serious,
Bailey Schmidt-8th Serious,
Nolan Pewe-5th Humorous
Andrew Haberman-8th Humorous, Impromptu
Nikoli Schoenborn-1st Storytelling
Hannah Reimche-3rd Extemp
Madison Reimche-5th Extemp
Laura Ellen-1st Persuade
Cody Monson-2nd Inform
Madison Klebe-5th Dramatic and Poetry
Therese Haberman-8th Poetry
Nolan Pewe and Hannah Reimche-3rd Humorous Duo
Nikoli Schoenborn and Cody Monson-6th Humorous Duo
Anaka Grenier and Therese Haberman-8th Humorous Duo

They have worked very hard this LONG season. Nolan, Hannah, Cody, Nikoli, and Laura all qualified for State yesterday as well and will be competing in the State Speech competition in Mandan on April 25th.

-Jacob Clauson