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Notes from the Superintendent

Dear Patrons,

The 2014-2015 school year is coming to an end. I am not sure where the year went. Each school year seems to go quick. My hope would be the summer doesn’t fly by like the school year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the opportunity to work with your children. I appreciate your support this past year and continued support in the years to come.

On March 31st, school was not in session. There was a water leak in the ceiling. To fix the pipe in the ceiling, an access hole needed to be created. The ceiling had asbestos and an abatement needed to be completed. This was completed and approved by the state to be in session beginning on Wednesday, April 1st. According to State Century code, this day is to be made up. The district does not have anymore storm make-up days left in the current calendar. Within our school day, the district accumulates time over the required hours for both the elementary and high school. This aggregated time can be used as a make up day for the school closure day on Tuesday, March 31. Basically, the district will not have to make up this day.

I would like to remind everyone graduation this year will be held at 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 31st in the high school gymnasium. This is the Sunday after Memorial Day. The 2015-2016 school year will begin on Monday, August 24th and Tuesday, August 25th with teacher inservice. The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 26th. The next school year graduation will fall on Memorial Day weekend.

The district has completed the focus groups, they will be gathering information for the next vote on our building project. I would like to thank the participants, individuals taking minutes, and the facilitators for their roles in this process. The information from these groups will be crucial in forming our plan and option for the next vote to be held in the fall of 2015.

This district has completed some very big projects the past couple of years. These projects include the remodeling of the high school library, remodeling of the girls’ locker room, remodeling of the boys’ locker room, and cabinets in the hallway showing school records in the different sports. This summer the district will be remodeling our three science labs and replacing the floor bleachers in the high school gymnasium.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their support of the school and myself this past year. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.