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Final Glance at Schedule

Welcome to my blog. If you havent visited in a while please take the time to look around or bookmark this site. It may be helpful in the future.

Today i am working on scheduling. We will begin to offer students a final glance at the schedule and make changes to thier own schedule as some things have changed since we last met. We still will be holding a scheduling day for each class(freshmen,sophomore etc) We will fill all electronic requests first however and once courses fill we will cap them. I am including the following items. We will include the schedule so that students can compare thier powerschool registration with thier schedule. Once this is complete we welcome all request for a change such as ” I want to take chemistry fifth hour and Government 2nd”  We will include a document for this. (its at the bottom)Again once classes close they will be gone . Also in the registration booklet is the requirements for graduation and the North Dakota scholarship. Take the time to look this over. I will include a required by year course list as well. I am hoping that this goes smooth. We will adapt but we have to make this process fluid. Here are a few links you will need There is also a registration guide on our school website. This will give you an idea of what the courses will entail. Hoepfully everthing works out on your schedule. Enjoy and I look forward to see ing all of you.

Bottineau Graduation Requirements

2015-16 Class Schedule