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Math Club

Math Club, celebrating the past and looking forward to the future!

I am so excited about this year’s math club agenda. Each year we try to build on the previous year’s accomplishments and the 2015/2016 school will be no exception. Last year we competed in two math track meets placing in various categories at both. We toured the mines in Hazen allowing our members to see real world math application. We assisted in the county’s Cheer Box, painted the basement at a local church, and raised money for several causes. In conjunction with the science club, we provided a $500 college scholarship for a deserving BHS graduate, congratulations Laura Ellen Brandjord! Our members dedicated over 120 hours tutoring junior high students in our math clinic and ran an after school program for elementary school students providing STEM education. Finally, we had 2 social events, because frankly, the students earned it.  Whew, what a year!

This year will be no exception as we have set lofty goals and have no intentions of not meeting them. In addition to everything we did last year we plan to add a few things to our plate. This year we hope to have two field trips, one to the UND Aerospace Division. We want to add one more community involvement project and are open to ideas. We plan to expand our after school program to include both semesters. Last and certainly not least, we hope to add one more math track meet. As always we are looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining the only club that counts, stop in and see me.