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Chippewa Wins State

I am proud to say that “The Chippewa” has been named the top Overall Newspaper in Division II for the 2nd year in a row. We had some tough competition from schools like Devils Lake and Beulah, but we took first place in the divisions of Coverage, as well as Writing & Editing, which put us in front of the other papers.
Since the year is from February to February, some of our last year seniors won awards, as well as many of our members from this year. In all we won 23 individual awards.
Individual winners are:
  • Ashleigh Jerde (1st Place in Feature Writing, and a 1st and 2nd place in Cartooning)
  • Andrew Haberman (3rd Place for General Column, and a 1st Place in Advertising)
  • Angela Reinoehl (Honorable Mention in General Column, and a 1st place with Hannah Reimche on Use of Graphics)
  • Emmalie Munson (3rd place in Sport Column, 3rd Place in Entertainment Review, 1st Place in Feature Photo, 2nd Place in Student Gov’t, School Board, and Community Coverage, and 3rd Place in Front Page Design)
  • Hannah Reimche (Honorable Mention in Sports Column, 3rd Place in Advertising, and 1st Place with Angie Reinoehl in Use of Graphics)
  • Erin Severson (1st Place in Entertainment Review, and Honorable Mentions in Sports Writing and Inside Page Design)
  • Madison Klebe (3rd in Sports Writing, and 2nd Place in Single Topic/Multiple Story with Jared Munson)
  • Cody Leonard (2nd in News Photo)
  • Jair Peltier (2nd in Sports Photo, and 3rd in Infographics)
  • Jared Munson (2nd Place with Madison Klebe for Single Topic/Multiple Story)
  • Nicolas Costa (2nd Place in Inside Page Design)
If you see them, tell them what a great job they are doing. They put in many, many man hours to put out a quality, state-winning newspaper.
Jackie Bullinger