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National Journalism Convention

Thank you all for asking how our trip was to Los Angeles. It was a very successful one, and I think the students came back more knowledgeable on how to write, design, and organize a student paper. The classes and workshops were very informative and it was fun to see how enthusiastic my students were about the subjects they learned about. It was also nice to see how polite and well-behaved all six students I took were to adults, instructors, hotel staff, taxi drivers, and other students in the competition.

While at the convention, the students competed in Write-Off Contests in which they have speakers address a specific issue, they are given time to conduct an interview, and then have a time limit on writing a story in a specific category. I haven’t seen official numbers, I believe there were over 5,000 students at the convention from across the country, and there were almost 1300 students that competed in these events. Students who won did so by being rated as Honorable Mention, Excellent, and Superior. Generally, there were only one or two Superior ratings given out per category. Andrew Haberman competed in Editorial Writing, and he was only one out of ten that were given an Excellent rating. In his category, only one student across the nation was rated Superior. It is a big honor for him and our program to be ranked nationally, so congratulate him when you see him.

Thanks for all your support. It was a great trip!