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In response to our recent external evaluation we are transitioning to a PLC model school. In a PLC (Professional Learning Community) student learning is the focus. To ensure student learning at a high level teachers will need time to collaborate. This is done on a weekly basis. Teachers will have a designated time in which to meet as a team or department and discuss three core questions.

  1. What do we want all students to learn?
  2. How will we know if they learned it?
  3. What will we do if they didn’t learn it?

This is done for every course taught. It is an ongoing school improvement process. To make this happen Bottineau School District will use Wednesday mornings as our collaboration time. Students in grades 7-­‐‑12 will still be allowed to come to school at the normal time. Our High school gymnasium will be open as well as our weight room, library and Art room. We will also offer some homework assistance in our departments. Classes will not start until 8:50. (normally classes start at 8:35) Students in these grades who drive, or walk, may come at this time. Students in other grades (k-­‐‑6) will be offered enrichment activities from the school. Libraries will be open. Buses will indeed run at normal times. This should minimize any change in parents schedule so students will stay on the same routine. If a parent wishes to keep their child home during this time they may do so, however the buses will run on schedule. This will begin on Wednesday, August 31st 2016.